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The name Moen might be Norwegian, and there is a character with the last name 
Moen in Ibsen's Peer Gynt (Mads Moen).  So maybe a search of other Norwegian 
literature might be fruitful form something closer to Ga La Moen.

Good luck!

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Good morning, all -

Here's a question that has the UK librarians stumped. We'd appreciate any help!

I have no idea if you are the person that might can help me but maybe you can.  
I am trying to research the origin of a name.  My grandmother has told me that 
she was named after a character in a book that my great grandmother read and 
liked.  Sadly, we have no idea what book it could have been.  Do you have 
suggestions/ideas how to go about looking for the name "La Moen" or "Ga La 
Moen" from a book published before the 1930's? I have done some quick googling 
with no success.  Likely this is a needle in a hay stack, but maybe you have 
some ideas for me.

We've already searched the New Century Cyclopedia of Names, NYT Historical 
Index, Reader's Guide, Social Security Death Index (to see if we could find 
anyone else with the name); top books of 1930's, book character names online 
and good ol' Google. Also:

Any ideas of where else we could look?

Thank you!

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