UPDATE: ASERL hosts ACRL "Intersections" workshop on April 26
From: John Burger (jburgeraserl.org)
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2018 09:11:55 -0700 (PDT)
ASERL Friends:

A reminder that we are hosting an instance of the “Intersections of Information 
Literacy and Scholarly Communications” Road Show on April 26 on the Georgia 
Tech campus in midtown Atlanta, GA.  The current registration list is below.  

The ASERL-only registration period has ended.  Seats are now available to any 
interested person until space is filled (maximum attendance of 100 persons.)  
** Please share this information with interested colleagues outside of ASERL. **

REGISTRATION LIST -- ASERL-ACRL "Intersections" Road Show.  As of March 19, 
   1. Auburn University:  Toni  Carter  Library Instruction Coordinator
   2. Auburn University:  Ali   Krzton  Research Data Management Librarian
   3. Clemson University:  Kathy        Edwards Associate Librarian
   4. Clemson University:  Nashieli     Marcano STEM Librarian
   5. Clemson University:  Jenessa      McElfresh       Health Sciences 
   6. Clemson University:  Megan        Sheffield       eScience Librarian
   7. College of William & Mary:  Candice       Benjes-Small    Head of Research
   8. College of William & Mary:  Kristy        Borda   Science Librarian
   9. College of William & Mary:  Marian        Taliaferro      Digital 
Scholarship Librarian
   10. Duke University Libraries:  Elena        Feinstein       Head  Natural 
Sciences and Engineering Section and Librarian for Biological Sciences
   11. East Carolina University:  Leah  Cordova STEM Librarian 
   12. East Carolina University:  Jeanne        Hoover  Scholarly Communication 
   13. East Carolina University:  Meghan        Wanucha Coordinator of 
Instructional Assessment
   14. Emory University:  James Steffen Film and Media Studies Librarian  
Humanities Team Leader
   15. Emory University:  Ellen Ambrosone       South Asian Studies and 
Religion Librarian
   16. Emory University:  Jennifer      Doty    Research Data Librarian
   17. Emory University:  Melanie       Kowalski        Copyright & Scholarly 
Communications Librarian
   18. Emory University:  Lisa  Macklin Director  Scholarly Communications 
   19. Emory University:  Erin  Mooney  Outreach & Education Librarian
   20. Emory University:  Peter Shirts  Music Librarian
   21. Emory University:  Chellammal    Vaidyanathan    European/World History 
and Philosophy Librarian
   22. Emory University:  Kim   Collins Research Engagement Services Leader
   23. Emory University:  Jennifer      Elder   Social Sciences Librarian 
   24. Georgia State University:  Jill  Anderson        Humanities Librarian
   25. Georgia Tech:  Seth      Porter  Coordinator of Instruction
   26. Georgia Tech:  Fred      Rascoe  Scholarly Communication Librarian
   27. Louisiana State University:  Sarah       Simms   Undergraduate & Student 
Success Librarian
   28. Mississippi State University:  Stephen   Cunetto Associate Dean
   29. UNC Chapel Hill:  Jennifer       Solomon Open Access Librarian
   30. UNC Charlotte:  Jeff     McAdams Science and Engineering Librarian
   31. UNC Greensboro:  Beth    Bernhardt       Assistant Dean for Collection 
Management and Scholarly Communications
   32. UNC Greensboro:  Jenny   Dale    Information Literacy Coordinator
   33. UNC Greensboro:  Maggie  Murphy  First-Year Instruction Librarian  
   34. University of Miami:  Lisa       Baker   Head  Richter Library Learning 
and Research Services
   35. University of Miami:  Martin     Tsang   Cuban Heritage Collection 
Librarian and Curator for Latin American Collections
   36. University of Mississippi:  Melissa      Dennis  Head of Research & 
Instruction Services
   37. University of Mississippi:  Cecelia      Parks   Research & Instruction 
   38. University of Mississippi:  Jocelyn      Tipton  Assistant Dean for 
Public Services
   39. Virginia Commonwealth University:  Hillary       Miller  Scholarly 
Communications Outreach Librarian
   40. Wake Forest University:  Molly   Keener  Director of Digital Initiatives 
& Scholarly Communication
   41. Wake Forest University:  Kaeley  McMahan Research & Instruction Librarian
   42. Wake Forest University:  Kathy   Shields         Reference and 
Instruction Librarian  History and Social Science

For more information or to register, please see 

We are excited to bring these important professional development opportunities. 
 Please let me know any questions.  Thank you!


John Burger, Executive Director
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)
   ℅ Robert W. Woodruff Library
   540 Asbury Circle, Suite 316
   Atlanta, GA  30322-1006

   Tel:  404-727-0137

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