[aserl_coll_assess] FW: Update on ASERL-AMD Offer
From: John Burger (jburgeraserl.org)
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2020 08:21:24 -0800 (PST)
ASERL Friends:

We held our 'online huddle' meeting last week to determine whether we had 
sufficient interest to reach the goal for the offer from Adam Matthew Digital - 
a combined group-spend of $2.9M by December 15, 2020.  Seventeen people 
participated in the huddle.  A small group of the participants offered 
approximately 25% of the expenditures needed to reach the goal, with most 
people expressing a serious need for additional time to determine what budgets 
will look like into Spring 2021.  I made our case with the AMD sales rep, and 
was successful in getting the purchase deadline moved to March 15, 2021 - with 
some caveats.  <-- No surprise on the caveats, sadly.


  1.  AMD requires at least $260K in additional sales orders to be placed by 
ASERL libraries before December 15, 2020 or the extension through 3/15/21 will 
not be granted.
  2.  With the extension, the additional cache of content that would be 
released to all ASERL libraries is reduced from 93 products (previously = 
through 2018) to 72 products (revised = through 2016).
  3.  Although the cache of AMD products is reduced, the group-spend goal 
remains at $2.9M in sales from ASERL libraries, for the period December 1, 2019 
- March 15, 2021.
  4.  If the group-spend goal is not attained, the previous incentives ($15K 
credit against future AMD purchases + a 6-month subscription to AMD's 'Research 
Source' platform) for those libraries who did make purchases as part of the 
campaign will remain.

This is not the easy, simple response I was hoping for, but it still offers 
some hope for those who want to pursue the cache of additional content.  I, for 
one, am very glad this kind of horse-trading is not a regular part of my job!

Please let me know any questions.  We can host another huddle meeting if people 
feel it would be useful to do so.  I will follow-up with individuals who 
contacted me directly to field any questions.

Thanks for your continued interest.


John Burger, Executive Director
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)
c/o Robert W. Woodruff Library
540 Asbury Circle, Suite 316
Atlanta, GA  30322

404-218-4207 -- cellular

From: Alicia Sell <Alicias [at] amedu.com>
Sent: Monday, December 7, 2020 10:40 PM
To: John Burger <jburger [at] aserl.org>
Subject: ASERL Offer Update for review

Hi John,

Thank you, again, for setting up the ASERL Huddle meeting last week to discuss 
the Adam Matthew collective spend goal.  I am encouraged to hear that the offer 
continues to be of interest.  I have reviewed your request to extend the offer 
through March 15, 2021 with my director, and I am happy to report that we will 
agree to the extension with some revisions and stipulations.   Adam Matthew is 
committed to being a good partner with ASERL and to help the group gain access 
to these critical research tools. By extending the offer to March 15, 2021, our 
company is spreading the value of this offer over multiple fiscal years, and, 
as such, this has increased our financial contribution significantly.  The 
revised collective spend goal as listed below still provides access to all 
members, regardless of individual spend, and fulfills a wide variety of 
research needs.  The revisions also takes into consideration the additional 
investment we are offering to the group by extending the deadline.

This opportunity is a substantial commitment from both of our groups and 
presents a very exciting chance to fill a wide variety of needs, while 
simultaneously presenting the best value per institution as measured against 
the number of students, researchers and other end-users positively impacted by 
opened database access. I hope that these revisions will still be of interest 
to the group.

I remain on hand to answer any questions you may have.   Thank you for your 
review and I look forward to the groups feedback.

Collective Spend Goal of $2,900,000 extended through March 15, 2021 based on 
agreement to following revisions and commitments:


  *   The collective spend goal to include all titles published through 2016, 
which includes access to 79 titles valued at a list price of $3.6m list price 
for EACH LIBRARY.  The attached document shows all of the titles that all 
members would gain access to marked with an "X".


  *   The six schools that committed to participate in the offer during the 
huddle meeting would need to move forward with their spend by the December 15th 
deadline as a good faith effort to reach the goal.  Their collective commitment 
was $375,000.  One library has already moved forward and is working on their 
paperwork, so the remaining five schools would cover the $257,800 balance.

  *   I am working with another ASERL member on an offer that is under 
consideration with a December 15th deadline.  I have requested a meeting with 
them this week to get an update.  Their offer is for $199,000.

  *   If these two offers go through in December 2020, the deadline will be 
extended through March 15th so that members can work to cover the final 
remaining balance of $650,330.00.  We do ask that the members develop a plan of 
which schools will consider participation by March 15th to cover the remaining 
balance.  We understand the list will not guarantee participation, but will 
give us a sense of whether the delta can be covered.

Kind Regards,

Alicia Sell, MLIS, CA
Head of Regional Sales,  North America

Adam Matthew Digital
Direct:                     (540) 521-6781
Email:                       alicias [at] amedu.com<mailto:alicias [at] 


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