[aserl_coll_assess] UPDATE: Seeking names for new Accessibility Interest Group
From: John Burger (jburgeraserl.org)
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2020 06:24:56 -0700 (PDT)
ASERL Friends:

FYI -- Here are the names we have so far for this new list /  Interest Group.  
Please send any others to me via return email.

1. Duke University      Ciara   Healy   Librarian for Psychology & 
Neuroscience, Mathematics and Physics 
2. East Carolina University     Amanda  McLellan        Assistant Director for 
Discovery and Technology Services
3. East Carolina University     Rebecca Tatterson       Electronic Resources 
4. Emory University     Karen   Garrabant       Acquisitions Department 
5. Emory University     Ann     McShane Digital Asset Librarian
6. Emory University     Jenny   Vitti   Interlibrary Borrowing Coordinator
7. Florida State University     Dave    Ridriguez       Resident Media 
Librarian, Office of Digital Research and Scholarship
8. Georgia State University     Tricia  Clayton Collection Assessment and 
Discovery Librarian 
9. Johns Hopkins        Jessica Keyes   User Experience Analyst
10. Mississippi State University        Troy    Derego  User Experience 
11. Mississippi State University        Julie   Shedd   Coordinator of Digital 
Initiatives and Web Services
12. North Carolina State University     Beth    Ashmore Associate Head of 
Acquisitions & Discovery
13. North Carolina State University     Shaun   Bennett Research Librarian for 
Business, Education, and Data Literacy
14. North Carolina State University     Anne    Burke   Associate Head for 
Teaching and Learning | Learning Spaces & Services
15. North Carolina State University     Danica  Lewis   Collections & Research 
16. North Carolina State University     Ashley  Morrison        Interim 
Department Head, Access Services
17. North Carolina State University     Heidi   Tebbe   Collections & Research 
Librarian for Engineering and Data Science
18. North Carolina State University / TRLN      Kelly   Farrell Program 
Officer, Technology Initiatives
19. UNC Charlotte       Beth    Auten   Health & Human Services Librarian
20. UNC Charlotte       Beth    Caruso  Digital Pedagogy & Emerging 
Technologies Librarian
21. UNC Charlotte       Tracie  Krumbine        Patron Services Manager 
22. UNC Greensboro      Samantha        Harlow  Online Learning Librarian
23. University of Alabama       Jon     Ezell   Coordinator for Creative Media 
& Instructional Design
24. University of Florida       Erin    Gallagher       Electronic Resources 
25. University of Florida       Nancy   Schaefer        Assistant University 
Librarian, Health Center Libraries
26. University of Kentucky      Deidre  Scaggs  Associate Dean, Special 
27. University of Memphis       Lisa    Reilly  Campus Librarian, Lambuth
28. University of Mississippi   Kristin Rogers  Electronic Resources and 
Discovery Librarian
29. University of Mississippi   Christina       Torbert Head of Continuing 
Resources and Acquisitions
30. University of Tennessee     Lizzie  Cope    E-Resource Access Librarian
31. University of Tennessee     Elyssa  Gould   Head, Acquisitions & Continuing 
32. University of Tennessee     Steven  Milewski        Social Work & Digital 
Media Technologies Librarian 
33. University of Virginia      Phylissa        Mitchell        Director of 
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Accessibility
34. University of Virginia      Robin   Ruggaber        Director of Strategic 
Technology Partnerships & Initiatives
35. University of Virginia      Will    Rourk   3D Cultural Heritage Informatics
36. Virginia Commonwealth University    Megan   Hodge   Head, Teaching and 
37. Virginia Commonwealth University    Oscar   Keyes   Multimedia Teaching & 
Learning Librarian 
38. William & Mary      Sara    Belmont Web Developer

Thanks to everyone for their interest!


John Burger, Executive Director
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Subject: Seeking names for new Accessibility Interest Group

ASERL Friends:

As you know, last Fall we launched a partnership with the Big Ten Academic 
Alliance to expand their ongoing work assessing electronic resources for the 
compliance with WCAG standards.  Recently branded as the “library Accessibility 
Alliance, ASERL’s representatives to the Steering Committee are Beth Ashmore, 
Associate Head of Acquisitions & Discovery, North Carolina State University; 
Sara Belmont, Web Developer, William & Mary Libraries; and Jon Ezell, 
Coordinator for Creative Media & Instructional Design, University of Alabama.

We are now seeking to create a new Interest / Discussion Group for people in 
ASERL libraries who have an interest in Accessibility issues.  (BTAA 
established a similar group several years ago when they launched their effort.) 
 We initially expect this group to provide input on the ongoing assessment 
processes, but we will expand the focus over time to include a wider array of 
related topics.  We are drafting a needs assessment instrument now, and 
envision shared training experiences and other ways to build expertise and 
networking into the future.

Please share this request with interested persons.  Anyone who’d like to be 
added to the new email list should send his/her/their send contact info to me.  
We’ll host an initial kick-off call later this Spring to make introductions, 
review initial inputs from the needs assessment, and discuss ways we can work 
together -- both within ASERL, and in partnership with BTAA.

Thanks for your help with this!


John Burger, Executive Director
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) c/o Robert W. Woodruff 
540 Asbury Circle, Suite 316
Atlanta, GA  30322


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