[aserl_coll_assess] FW: Recording - ezMETRICS Webinar from 26. Nov : Usage stats at article level (follow up to ICOLC Luxembourg presentation)
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Sharing from the ICOLC group; of possible interest to this ASERL community.


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Subject: [Icolc] Recording - ezMETRICS Webinar from 26. Nov : Usage stats at 
article level (follow up to ICOLC Luxembourg presentation)

Dear Colleagues,

Here is the recording of our webinar (ca 35 min) from November 26th:

Topic: ezMETRICS : introduction to a usage statistics toolkit (ezPAARSE + 

Webinar Speakers:
- Thomas Porquet (@Couperin.org)
- Patrick Peiffer (@Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg, consortium.lu)

We're looking for libraries and consortia interested, preferably those with a 
proxy infrastructure. Please do get in touch! An onboarding two-pager is 
available here: 

The time zone of the webinar  was mostly suited for European audiences, please 
give me feedback about interest for a webinar better suited for a different 
time zone.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch via the list or privately.

Project updates since November:

  *   We have several OA publishers on board to deploy ezMETRICS on their 
server logs to get detailed stats for them. In January we plan another 
publisher specific webinar, once we are clearer about what their needs are.
  *   We have several libraries/consortia who have interest (other than France 
and Luxembourg) to release their usage stats and create new metrics. This could 
create the representative overview of what is being read.
  *   ezMETRICS, the new combination of ezPAARSE (log parser) and ezMESURE 
(centralised dashboards) is on track to be released as free/open source in 
Spring 2020.

Further info about the toolset:

Best regards,

Patrick Peiffer

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