[aserl_coll_assess] REMINDER/UPDATE: Wednesday Webinar: "Leveraging EZProxy Data for Collection Assessment at Emory"
From: John Burger (jburgeraserl.org)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2019 09:26:06 -0700 (PDT)
ASERL Friends:

A reminder about this new webinar coming up on Wednesday of this week (October 
23):  Using EZProxy data, our colleagues at Emory University Libraries are now 
able to parse and subsequently collate which departments, schools, and/or 
groups are utilizing licensed electronic resources. This data can subsequently 
be leveraged to show returns on collection investments data, to better 
negotiate with vendors for the licensed electronic resources that we purchase, 
and to improve marketing of our licensed electronic resources. In this webinar, 
we will discuss:
  (1) why we have chosen to invest in such data gathering methods, 
  (2) the work that has gone into establishing a usable platform for reading 
this data, 
  (3) challenges around gathering and reading the data, and 
  (4) examples of how the data has been/will be utilized for specific 
assessment projects 

WEBINAR:  "Leveraging EZProxy Data for Collection Assessment at Emory"
DATE & TIME:  October 23, 2019 at 2:00 PM EDT
REGISTER:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5624884184601460491   

REGISTRATION LIST - As of October 21
1. Auburn University    Denise  Baker
2. Auburn University    Nadine  Ellero
3. Clemson University   Megan   Palmer
4. Clemson University   Chris   Vinson
5. Duke University      Joyce   Chapman
6. Duke University      Jeff    Kosokoff
7. East Carolina University     Rebecca Tatterson
8. Emory University     Jody    Bailey
9. Emory University     Douglas Slaughter
10. Florida International University    George  Fray
11. Florida International University    Eric Michael    Gormley
12. Florida International University    Elizabeth       Lightfoot
13. Florida International University    Crystal Zhou
14. Florida State University    Mason   Hall
15. Florida State University    Kirsten Kinsley
16. Florida State University    Susannah        Miller
17. George Mason University     Elaine  Ding
18. George Mason University     Wally   Grotophorst
19. George Mason University     Wendy   Mann
20. Georgia Highlands College   Jessica Osborne
21. Georgia State University    Skye    Hardesty
22. Georgia Tech        Matt    Frizzell
23. Innovative Interfaces Inc   Angela  Dresselhaus
24. Johns Hopkins University    Alistair        Morrison
25. Johns Hopkins University    Jason   Williams
26. Louisiana State University  David   Comeaux
27. Louisiana State University  Jeremy  Fontenot
28. Louisiana State University  Megan   Lounsberry
29. Mississippi State University        Cathy   Dunn
30. NC State University Hilary  Davis
31. NC State University Darby   Orcutt
32. OCLC        Don     Hamparian
33. OCLC        Hank    Sway
34. Tulane University   Grace   Jeon
35. Tulane University   Kate    Montgomery
36. UAB Peggy   Kain
37. UNC Chapel Hill     Megan   Kilb
38. UNC Chapel Hill     Nandita Mani
39. UNC Charlotte       Michael Winecoff
40. UNC Greensboro      Tim     Bucknall
41. University of Alabama       Catherine       Smith
42. University of Florida       Erin    Gallagher
43. University of Florida       Jason   Heckathorn
44. University of Florida       Patrick Reakes
45. University of Georgia       Nan     McMurry
46. University of Kentucky      Julene  Jones
47. University of Kentucky      Mary Beth       Thomson
48. University of Kentucky      Kelly   Vickery
49. University of Mary Washington       Summer  Durrant
50. University of Memphis       John    Evans
51. University of Miami Kineret Ben Knaan
52. University of Miami Cheryl  Gowing
53. University of Mississippi   Cecilia Botero
54. University of Mississippi   Gail    Herrera
55. University of Mississippi   Kristin Rogers
56. University of Mississippi   Jocelyn Tipton
57. University of Mississippi   Christina       Torbert
58. University of Tennessee     Louis   Becker
59. University of Tennessee     Elyssa  Gould
60. University of Tennessee     Holly   Mercer
61. University of Tennessee     Jennifer        Mezick
62. University of Virginia      Anthony Lindsay
63. University of Virginia      Hanni   Nabahe
64. University of Virginia      Ricky   Patterson
65. University of Virginia      Elizabeth       Rapp
66. Vanderbilt University       Bryan   Kurowski
67. Vanderbilt University       Lee Ann Lannom
68. Vanderbilt University       Jamen   McGranahan
69. Virginia Commonwealth University    Karen   Cary
70. Virginia Commonwealth University    Karen   Gau
71. Virginia Commonwealth University    Jimmy   Ghaphery
72. Virginia Tech       Leslie  O'Brien
73. Virginia Tech       Robert  Sebek
74. Wake Forest University      Lauren  Corbett
75. Wake Forest University      Thomas  Dowling
76. William & Mary      Lisa    Nickel

Our webinars are licensed under a Creative Commons 
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  As always, 
these sessions are available at no cost, and will be recorded for later 
playback on our Archive page -- see http://www.aserl.org/archive.   

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information 
about joining the webinar.

We hope this proves to be of interest.  Please feel free to share this 
information with others who may be interested.  And please let me know any 
questions or if you encounter difficulties with our e-meeting system.  



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Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)
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