[aserl_coll_assess] REMINDER: "Gale Digital Scholar Lab" webinar is Thursday
From: John Burger (jburgeraserl.org)
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2019 07:32:32 -0700 (PDT)
ASERL Friends:

A reminder that ASERL has secured a discount agreement for Gale's Digital 
Scholar Lab text mining system, and we are offering a webinar this week to 
highlight its functions & features.  

WEBINAR:  "Overview for ASERL Members: The Gale Digital Scholar Lab"
DATE & TIME:  September 5, 2019 at 2pm ET / 1pm Central Time
REGISTER:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8016081182503812877  

1. Cal Poly University San Luis Obispo  Jaime   Ding
2. Clemson University   Camille Cooper
3. Clemson University   Kathy   Edwards
4. Clemson University   Ed      Rock
5. Clemson University   paula   smith
6. Clemson University   Chris   Vinson
7. Duke University      Arianne Hartsell-Gundy
8. East Carolina University     Jeanne  Hoover
9. Florida International University     Molly   Castro
10. Florida State University    Sarah   Stanley
11. George Mason University     Wally   Grotophorst
12. Johns Hopkins       Margaret        Burri
13. Louisiana State University  Leah    Powell
14. Louisiana State University  Scott   Ziegler
15. mississippi state university        stephen cunetto
16. Tulane      Jane    Pinzino
17. UNC Chapel Hill     Jason   Tomberlin
18. UNC Greensboro      Beth    Bernhardt
19. UNC Greensboro      Tim     Bucknall
20. UNC Greensboro      Christine       Fischer
21. UNC Greensboro      Martin  Halbert
22. UNC Greensboro      Maggie  Murphy
23. University of Alabama at Birmingham Kara    Van Abel
24. University of Florida       Shelley Arlen
25. University of Florida       Tiffany Esteban
26. University of Florida       Laurie  Taylor
27. University of Kentucky      Adrian  Ho
28. University of Kentucky      Jennifer        Hootman
29. University of Kentucky      Mary Beth       Thomson
30. University of Miami Ava     Brillat
31. University of Miami Elizabeth       Gushee
32. University of Miami Cameron Riopelle
33. University of Mississippi   Jason   Burton
34. University of Mississippi   Gail    Herrera
35. University of South Carolina        Amie    Freeman
36. University of Tennessee     Jennifer        Mezick
37. University of Virginia      Sherri  Brown
38. University of Virginia      Jennifer        Huck
39. University of Virginia      Sherry  Lake
40. University of Virginia      Maggie  Nunley
41. Vanderbilt University       Lynn    Ramey
42. Vanderbilt University       Sarah   Swanz
43. Vanderbilt University       Andrew  Wesolek
44. Virginia Commonwealth University    Tammy   Sugarman
45. Virginia Tech       Corinne Guimont
46. Wake Forest University      Carrie  Johnston
47. Wake Forest University      Kathy   Shields
48. William & Mary      Lisa    Nickel

The Digital Scholar Lab is a cloud-based research environment that allows 
students and scholars to apply natural language processing tools to raw text 
data (OCR) from Gale's primary source collections in a single research 
environment. The Lab removes key barriers to entry into digital scholarship, 
enabling users at any level to text mine large corpora of historical texts, and 
streamlines workflows to enable scholars and students to focus on their core 
research objectives.  

To introduce this offer, we have arranged for a webinar with two digital 
scholars who can talk about their use of the tool.  Dr. Wendy Perla Kurtz 
(Lecturer in Hispanic Language and Literature at UCLA; and Digital Humanities 
Specialist for Gale) will walk through the impetus behind the creation of the 
Lab, as well as highlight the available functionality. Dr. Sarah Ketchley 
(Lecturer in Near Eastern Language and Civilization at University of 
Washington; and Digital Humanities Specialist for Gale) will discuss 
pedagogical uses cases of the Lab, focusing on introductory-level classes in 
digital humanities. 

Our webinars are licensed under a Creative Commons 
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  As always, 
these sessions are available at no cost, and will be recorded for later 
playback on our Archive page -- see http://www.aserl.org/archive.  

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information 
about joining the webinar.

We hope this proves to be of interest.  Please feel free to share this 
information with others who may be interested.  And please let me know any 
questions or if you encounter difficulties with our e-meeting system.  



John Burger, Executive Director
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) c/o Robert W. Woodruff 
540 Asbury Circle, Suite 316
Atlanta, GA  30322


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