UPDATE: Webinar - GWLA's Study of Library Impacts on Student Success Outcomes is next week
From: John Burger (jburgeraserl.org)
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2018 08:28:01 -0700 (PDT)
<<REMINDER:  This webinar takes place next Wednesday, March 28.>>

ASERL Friends:

As you may have read recently, our colleagues at the Greater Western Library 
Alliance Student Learning Outcomes Task Force recently completed a study that 
analyzed student data from over 42,000 first-time, first-year freshmen and over 
1,700 distinct courses from 12 research institutions to determine the impacts 
of information literacy instruction integrated into course curriculum on 
several student success measures. In this presentation, the authors of the 
study will discuss the process of planning and organizing for a consortial 
research project and share results from the first year of the study.

WEBINAR:  "Library educators making a difference on institutional outcome 
metrics: Highlights from GWLA's multi-institutional study"
DATE / TIME:  Mar 28, 2018  |  2pm ET / 1pm Central Time
REGISTER:  https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/930700697909369603   

REGISTRATION LIST -- As of March 21, 2018
1. Auburn University    Adelia  Grabowsky
2. Auburn University    Patricia        Hartman
3. Clemson University   Joyce   Garnett
4. Colorado State University    Jocelyn Boice
5. Colorado State University    Renae   Newhouse
6. Duke University      Emily   Daly
7. Duke University      Jeff    Kosokoff
8. East Carolina University     Elizabeth       Ketterman
9. East Carolina University     Meghan  Wanucha
10. Emory University    Pat     Culpepper
11. Emory University    Tyler   Moses
12. Florida International University    Anne    Prestamo
13. Florida International University    Denisse Solis
14. Florida State University    Michelle        Demeter
15. Florida State University    Kirsten Kinsley
16. Georgia State University    Denise  Dimsdale
17. Georgia State University    Karen   Doster-Greenleaf
18. Georgia State University    Jeff    Steely
19. Iowa State University       Beth    McNeil
20. Mississippi State U Claudia Holland
21. North Carolina State University     Margaret        Peak
22. North Carolina State University     David   Woodbury
23. Southern Illinois University        Christina       Heady
24. Southern Illinois University        John    Pollitz
25. Texas A&M University        Reddy   Deva
26. Texas A&M University        Diana   Ramirez
27. Texas Tech University       Carrye  Syma
28. Tulane University   Adam    Beauchamp
29. Tulane University   Bernadette      Birzer
30. Tulane University   Holly   Jackson
31. UAB Peggy   Kain
32. UNC Chapel Hill     Hsi-chu Bolick
33. UNC Chapel Hill     Joanneke        Elliott
34. UNC Chapel Hill     Danianne        Mizzy
35. UNC Chapel Hill     Suchi   Mohanty
36. UNC Chapel Hill     Barbara Renner
37. UNC Chapel Hill     Kristan Shawgo
38. UNC Chapel Hill     Alice   Whiteside
39. UNC Charlotte       Rebecca Croxton
40. UNC Greensboro      Beth    Bernhardt
41. University of Alabama       Michael  Arthur
42. University of Alabama       Alex    Boucher
43. University of Alabama       Rachel  Fischer
44. University of Alabama       Mildred Jackson
45. University of Arizona       Paula C Johnson
46. University of Arizona       Yvonne  Mery
47. University of Arizona       Jerry   Perry
48. University of Arizona       Leslie  Sult
49. University of Delaware      Erin    Daix
50. University of Delaware      Nancy   Nelson
51. University of Delaware      Justin  Wing
52. University of Florida       Lisa    Campbell
53. University of Florida       Samuel  Putnam
54. University of Florida       Patrick Reakes
55. University of Georgia       Nan     McMurry
56. University of Georgia       Kristin Nielsen
57. University of Georgia       Deborah Stanley
58. University of Illinois at Chicago   Glenda  Insua
59. University of Illinois at Chicago   Linda   Naru
60. University of Kentucky      Stacey  Greenwell
61. University of Louisville    Bruce   Keisling
62. University of Mississippi   Jason   Burton
63. University of Missouri      Janice  Dysart
64. University of New Mexico    Stephanie       Akau
65. University of New Mexico    Susanne Clement
66. University of New Mexico    Amy     Jankowski
67. University of New Mexico    Lori    Townsend
68. University of Oklahoma      Sarah   Robbins
69. University of Oregon        Helen   Chu
70. University of Oregon        Shelley Harshe
71. University of South Carolina        Megan   Palmer
72. University of South Florida Aura    Perez
73. University of Southern California   Jade    Winn
74. University of Tennessee     Holly   Dean
75. University of Tennessee     Holly   Mercer
76. Virginia Tech       Tracy   Gilmore
77. Virginia Tech       Michael Kucsak
78. Virginia Tech       Leslie  O'Brien
79. Virginia Tech       Connie  Stovall
80. Wake Forest University      Lauren  Corbett
81. Wake Forest University      Kyle    Denlinger
82. Wake Forest University      Amanda  Foster-Kaufman
83. Wake Forest University      Rosalind        Tedford
84. West Virginia University    Virginia        Desouky
85. West Virginia University    Kelly   Diamond
86. West Virginia University    Karen   Diaz
87. West Virginia University    Charles Julian
88. West Virginia University    Beth    Royall
89. West Virginia University    Alyssa  Wright

These sessions are available at no cost to ASERL members and guests, and will 
be recorded for later playback.  Please feel free to share this information 
with other librarians & staff who may be interested.  Our webinars are licensed 
under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International 
License.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing 
information about joining the webinar.   
System Requirements:  

 We hope this proves to be of interest.  Please let me know any questions or if 
you encounter difficulties with our e-meeting system.  Thanks! 


John Burger, Executive Director
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) c/o Robert W. Woodruff 
540 Asbury Circle, Suite 316
Atlanta, GA  30322


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