Expired Offers Export is Live
From: Cheryle Cole-Bennett (ccole-bennettaserl.org)
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2017 10:11:50 -0700 (PDT)

Good afternoon ASERL friends,

I am pleased to announce the enhancement to export a list of expired offers has been implemented in the ASERL Disposition Database.   This enhancement allows any library that has posted Offers to the ASERL Disposition Database to export a list of their offers that have not been claimed within the 45 day cycle, as they may desire. 


This export is designed to streamline the importing of data into the new FDLP eXchange database under development by GPO.  The CFDP Program Guidelines do not require the posting of offers to the national list  ? however, they do recommend that rare or otherwise significant publications which are not selected by libraries within the Southeast Region should be included in the national Needs.  (This automatically applies to items with publication dates prior to 1907.)


How it works:

You will find the link for the export at the top of your “My Submitted items” section.  I have attached a screen capture for reference.

When you click this link, the following pop-up box will appear:



You can filter the export data by the ‘expiration date’ (the date that the Offer automatically expired in the Disposition database) by using a date range in the FROM and TO fields: 

  • If both the FROM date and the TO date are left blank, your export will include all records in the database, from your very first expired offer to your most recent expired offer.
  • If the FROM date is blank, and you have included a TO date, your export will include your very first expired offer up to the TO date.
  • If you include a date in the FROM date and leave the TO date blank, your export will include records starting at the FROM date up to the most recent expired date.
  • If both the FROM date and the TO date include dates, your export will include all records within that date range.

You will notice the checkbox to limit the results to expired offers that have a ‘publication date’ prior to January 1, 1907. This box will be checked by default, if unchecked, there is no restriction from the publication start date.


Please know ?

  • The User conducts the export ? determining both the records that are exported and those chosen for import into FDLP eXchange.
  • The export template is designed to match the FDLP eXchange Offers template (http://bit.ly/2ivIIgN) so that minimal editing will be required to import the file.
  • The default export incorporates a date filter for expired offers with a publication date prior to 1907.  The option to export a list of all expired offers is also available.
  • Recommendations for formatting the Offers export template will be added to the Disposition Database LibGuide as we learn more from the GPO, and their release of FDLP eXchange. 


Our sincere thanks to our colleagues at the University of Florida for hosting the ASERL Disposition Database and for providing the programming and technical support that continues to make this a valuable resource for depository libraries in the Southeast.  And our thanks to Lisa Russell at GPO for her assistance in testing our process to ensure a smooth interface between these two systems.


If I can provide additional information or be of assistance, please ask!




Cheryle Cole-Bennett, Program Coordinator

Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)

? Robert W. Woodruff Library

540 Asbury Circle, Suite 316

Atlanta, GA  30322-1006

Telephone:  470-222-4960

ccole-bennett [at] aserl.org


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