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Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 06:15:32 -0700 (PDT)

Good morning ASERL Friends,


I am forwarding a note from Stanley Wilder, Dean, LSU Libraries:


My thanks to everyone who's asked how the LSU Libraries has fared through pur deluge. Hill Memorial Library has roof leaks that have allowed water to reach our rare book collections, but only moderately so, and we've seen no damage to those collections.


Middleton Library, not so lucky. LSU has plans to waterproof Middleton's extremely leaky basement, and we're excited about that prospect. Meanwhile, it looks to me as if our basement has extensive water intrusions at multiple points, posing a big cleanup problem, and a small wet collection problem.


All in all, a difficult but manageable problem. The same cannot be said for our library staff, many of whom have lost homes and property in the flooding that has devastated so much of the Baton Rouge area. Our hearts go out to them. Today we’ll be organizing help for those who need it.


We have also heard from Stephanie Braunstein.  She has limited cell service and is checking in via phone - though with no electricity at home, she is using it judiciously.  She reports that the water seems to be receding; so unless it rains again, her street should be free of flooding.  She will contact everyone again soon.  


Keeping LSU in our thoughts,



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