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Materials housed at our off-site Repository and in closed stacks on compact shelving are shelved in Sudoc order.  Our Special Collections Building vault uses high density storage, so everything we sent there had to have a record in our online catalog.

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From the responses so far, it sounds like not every institution that has depository materials stored offsite has them in a high-density, warehouse type storage facility.  Am I misinterpreting?  Are some institutions using high density storage facilities and others using offsite open stacks?


Clemson has used offsite high-density storage for ten years or so, but have not stored any depository materials so far.  Any materials deposited in this kind of storage facility must be cataloged, with every volume barcoded.  So documents going to storage will have to be cataloged up front.


Our turnaround time for requested items is 24 hours.  We also scan and email requested articles.




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Bill and others,


Virginia Tech has maintained government documents at our storage facilities for longer than I’ve been affiliated with the program (or better said, more than 25 years now).  There have always been regular retrieval of materials from storage but not everything at storage is adequately cataloged.  We are working on that.  Our storage facilities have always been exclusively for Virginia Tech.


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I’m curious how many folks are currently sending depository materials to a storage facility.  I’m also curious if your materials are going into a shared facility, ie shared with another institution.


Reply to the list if you want to share and me – sudduthw [at] if you just want my eyes to see your message.


Last question – how many of you would be interested in an ASERL webinar on the issues?





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