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From: Romans, Larry (larry.romansVanderbilt.Edu)
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 10:22:40 -0700 (PDT)

More than half of our Central Library  collection is in an off-site storage a couple of miles from campus, and almost all of those documents are catalogued.  Requests made before 10:30 AM arrive in the afternoon mail; requests made after 10:30 AM come in the next morning’s mail. That can be speeded up if necessary.  Given that we have ProQuest government information everything, our use of print both from storage and in our on-site collection is down significantly. Maps are housed in our Science and Engineering library, which is in the building next to ours. (Central Library covers the humanities and social sciences.) Our biggest problem is that our storage facility is virtually filled, so we can add only about 50 shelves a year to storage.


An ASERL seminar on best practices for storing documents offsite would be useful.




Larry Romans,

Vanderbilt University Central Library

Nashville, TN 37203-2427

larry.romans [at]

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About half of our US documents collection is housed in our off-site Repository; as with all UGA Libraries materials housed off-site, these items are generally retrieved within 24 hours. Another 25% or so of the collection is housed in closed stacks in our Main Library and paged on demand by Map and Government Information Library staff during our open hours. The remaining 25% of the collection is housed in open stacks in either the Map and Government Information Library or the Science Library.  A small number of historical documents, including Serial Set volumes through the 60th Congress, are housed in our Special Collections Libraries building; these are also paged on demand during that building's open hours.


My staff is responsible for stacks maintenance of our documents collection in all locations except the Special Collections Libraries building. It should be noted that we chose not to house microformats, electronic documents (CDs, etc) or maps off site due to the logistics of filing and retrieving non-book items.


Having moved entire government documents collection as well as our map collection in and out of various buildings within the past 2 years, my best advice is start planning ASAP and get a good tape measure - a good portion of our move planning involved counting and measuring.


Hallie Pritchett
Map and Federal Regional Depository Librarian
University of Georgia Libraries
Athens, GA 30602
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Bill and All,


We have not yet started sending depository materials to storage, but are planning to do so.  We probably will start before the year is over.  Our facility is not shared.


I would be thrilled to see an ASERL webinar on this topic.



Kathryn Wesley

Team Leader, Continuing Resources and Government Documents


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I’m curious how many folks are currently sending depository materials to a storage facility.  I’m also curious if your materials are going into a shared facility, ie shared with another institution.


Reply to the list if you want to share and me – sudduthw [at] if you just want my eyes to see your message.


Last question – how many of you would be interested in an ASERL webinar on the issues?





Bill Sudduth

Head, Government Information and Maps

University of South Carolina

Thomas Cooper Library

1322 Greene Street

Columbia, SC 29208

803-777-1775 (desk)

803-777-4841 (public)



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