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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 08:27:49 -0800 (PST)

Good morning. 

Just a gentle reminder of the HathiTrust call for records (see email exchange below).  The deadline is  January 31, 2014.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.



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ASERL Friends:


We've been working with the fine folks at HathiTrust to draft the following message seeking cataloging data from library FDLP collections.  There are several depositories that have well-documented collections from whom we are actively seeking data.  Any other depository that would like to submit their data may do so using the instructions below. 


The goal is to compile as much cataloging info about FDLP content as reasonably possible.  Please spread the word to your contacts, colleagues, friends, and relations.


Questions should be directed to feedback [at]


Thanks very kindly for considering this request.






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Subject: HathiTrust Call for US Federal Government Documents Records - Submit by 1/31/14

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Dear Partners,


As you know, at the 2011 HathiTrust constitutional convention, HathiTrust members passed a ballot initiative to expand and enhance access to US federal government publications. Today, HathiTrust is issuing a broad call for institutions (HathiTrust partners and non-partners alike) to share their cataloging records for US federal government documents to aid us in building our knowledge of the total corpus of US federal government documents, and help us to identify the portion of total materials that are in HathiTrust already, the portion not in HathiTrust that exist in digital form (digitized by Google or others), and the portion that is yet to be digitized. 


We would like to request the participation of all of your institutions in this call, and for all cataloging records to be submitted to us by January 31, 2014. Requirements for records and instructions on submitting records are available in the Google form at


Even if you have already submitted records for government documents to HathiTrust to accompany content submissions, we ask that you re-send them along with records for any government documents items that are not in HathiTrust. We believe this will be the easiest course to get the broadest number of records.


The most immediate use that we will make of the records will be to send them to Google for analysis to get an idea of what proportion of the records represent items that Google has already digitized or are candidates for Google digitization from Google-partnering libraries. Google has agreed to do this analysis. It is important to note that any records made available to Google may be incorporated into the "metadata view" on Google Books. An example of an item in metadata view is here: Full records are never displayed in metadata view, and records submitted from this call only have the possibility to be displayed if there is not an already-existing item in Google Books.


We plan to make the results of this analysis available at a minimum to HathiTrust partners and other institutions that participate in the call. We also plan to make the records available to be used, under appropriate use policies and permissions, by government documents initiatives underway by groups and organizations participating in the call. We hope in this way to garner the broadest participation in the call and for the records to be a benefit to initiatives HathiTrust may collaborate with in order to achieve the goals of our initiative.  


Please send any questions that you have to feedback [at] We may be assembling a FAQ to send or post online, rather than responding directly to all inquiries, in order to manage correspondence most efficiently.


Thank you very much.




Jeremy York

Assistant Director, HathiTrust




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