ASERL Disposition Database Enhancement
From: Cheryle Cole-Bennett (
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 07:19:28 -0800 (PST)

Good morning,

I am forwarding along information from Winston Harris (UFL) regarding a recent enhancement to the Disposition database - a way to find a particular Needs Spec that are causing matches.


Each of the Needs Specs that are in your list has its own ID - it’s a good way for you to zero in on a Needs Spec regardless of how that Need is defined.  So here are the changes:


1)      On the nightly email which shows your institution’s matches, there is a new column on the right showing the ID of the Needs Spec which caused this match to show up on your list.

2)      On the My Needs section of the web page, there is a new box labeled “Lookup a Needs Specification by ID”.


To find a specific Needs Spec, just type the number from the email into the box and hit Search.  From there, you can either view, edit or delete the Need.  To prevent people from just typing in random numbers, you will only be able to view Needs which belong to your institution.


The change is now active - last evening’s “match” emails contain the new ID field.  The ID numbers are visible in the My Needs section when you hover your mouse over the Edit icon.


Winston would appreciate hearing your feedback of this new feature – feel free to email him at wingator [at]

After it has been in use for a couple of days, he’ll update the LibGuide to reflect the change.  Please feel free to share this information as needed.






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